How Your Air Conditioner can Affect Your Allergies

June 17, 2015

As we welcome back summer to Buffalo we also have to welcome back something a lot less enjoyable: allergies. While your home is supposed to be a place to get a break from all the discomforts of nature, allergies are often an uncomfortable exception. However, routine air conditioner service can help soothe those annoyances and make a big difference in your comfort.

While many spring and summer allergies are due to the activities of trees, flowers, and grasses, the majority of indoor allergies are mostly due to conditions already in your home. Different types of dust can collect in your home’s air ducts which then get distributed and redistributed throughout your house every time your air conditioner runs. In addition to dust knocked loose from the walls of your duct work, your air conditioner, air handler or furnace blower motor can also contain microbes, pet dander, dead insect matter, and potentially.

In fact, Indoor air pollution levels can be two to five times higher than outdoors. 1

If your air conditioning system is contributing to your family’s allergies, your kids will probably be the ones to suffer first2. That’s because their lungs are less developed and will become irritated easier with exposure to contaminated air.

The first thing to consider doing if you think your air conditioner may be contributing to your allergies is upgrading your air filter to one with greater protection against allergens. High efficiency air filters have a MERV rating greater than 14. Sunbeam can provide a free estimate and install a high-efficiency filter system for you.

If a new air filter doesn’t improve the quality of your home’s air or you want to feel certain that your air conditioner and ducts are free from dust, microbes, and other air contaminants, call the Buffalo HVAC experts at Sunbeam Service Experts to schedule air conditioner service now. A licensed and experienced technician will be at your home promptly with all the tools and expertise required to make an assessment of the health of your AC unit.

Your family’s health and comfort is our highest priority, and your health should not be at your air conditioner’s mercy. If you’re worried your central AC system is not running up to standards, call 716-427-6807 or use our online scheduling form to set up an air conditioner service with Sunbeam today.

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2 United Allergy Services

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