Is Puron R410a Being Phased Out?

Your AC system uses a chemical refrigerant to shift heat within your home outside. This makes your house cool and refreshing. The type of refrigerant used in residential air conditioner has been modified a few times as time has passed, keeping in touch with technological advances and environmental regards.

All updated home air conditioners run on R410a, also called as Puron. But this refrigerant will subsequently be discontinued. This is due to a continuous focus on lowering chemicals known to impact the environment.

To learn the “why” behind AC restrictions, it’s useful to put it into perspective. Two-thirds of the 128.5 million houses in the United States have air conditioners, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

But it’s not actually the air conditioning system itself, or even its cooling capacity.

The main problem is the refrigerant this equipment use to create the comfort we enjoy.

Installed after 2010

If your system was put in after January 1, 2010, it in all likelihood runs on R410a. And there’s lots of time for you to prepare for the phaseout. So, it’s not an issue you should be bothered about at this time.

Approaches and timetables have been set for commercial AC equipment. But the starting point of the phaseout for residential cooling systems hasn’t yet been scheduled. However, the phaseout could start around 2024 and take 10 years to finish.

By then, you could need to buy a new your system anyway, because the average life cycle for an AC system is usually 15 years.

Installed Before 2010

This compound isn’t being produced right now, but there are still many residential cooling systems using R22. If you need service, it might be very costly since only recovered and recycled refrigerant is accessible.

Most of the time, we propose getting a new your system because of the increasing prices of keeping up an AC with R22. Plus, you’ll be receiving a better energy-efficient system.

Give our Experts a call at 716-427-6807 today and we’ll help you start finding a new unit.

How Do I Find Out What Refrigerant My AC Uses?

If you’re unsure what form of refrigerant your AC runs on, you can check its panel. This piece is usually situated on the outdoor condenser. Or you can check your owner’s manual.

If you’re still not able to locate it, call us at 716-427-6807 and we can assist you.

Why are Refrigerants Damaging to the Environment?

Older kinds of refrigerants can harm the environment and cause climate change. Here’s a glance at the history of residential air conditioner refrigerants:

  • Residential air conditioners have used R22, or Freon, for a long time. Scientists found it was harmful to the planet and ozone, so creation permanently stopped on January 1, 2020.
  • R410a is the substitute for R22. It’s what you’ll see in all new air conditioners now.

What Should I Do in the Meantime?

If your air conditioning is close to (or older than) 15 years, now’s a fantastic time to start prepping for this purchase.

We get that installing a new system can be a big expense. That’s why we offer our exclusive Advantage Program™ plus financing, With our Advantage Program, you can receive a new, high-efficiency system for only one small monthly payment. And get maintenance, repairs and parts at no additional cost.*

Reach us at 716-427-6807 to request an appointment now. We’ll review your budget and needs to help you select the best comfort equipment for your residence.

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