R22 is Phasing Out

February 14, 2017

We told you last summer about the R22 phase out and with warmer temperatures approaching, Sunbeam Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning wanted to remind you of your courses of action.


If you have an air conditioner installed prior to 2010, it likely uses R22 refrigerant, which is what causes the air coming from your air conditioner to be cool and comfy. The United States EPA began phasing out R22 refrigerant in recent years because it was contributing to the depletion of the Earth’s ozone layer.

Launching in 2010, the production and import of R22 was prohibited and by 2020, R22 will pretty much no longer be allowed.


R22 refrigerant is no longer produced in North America.

You can get recycled R22 now for existing air conditioning systems that use this specific refrigerant.

The cost of R22 is rising because of the reducing supply, and will no longer be accessible for use at all by 2020.


If your AC equipment was produced after January 2010, the R22 refrigerant phase-out probably won’t affect you. However, if your air conditioning system was manufactured before January 2010, you have some options:

1) Invest in an upgraded, more environmentally-friendly system, which requires the approved A/C refrigerant.

2) Call an expert to replace the parts in your current air conditioner to help make it compatible with approved A/C refrigerant. Keep in mind, this is not recommended because it could invalidate your warranty(ies).

3) Stick with using recycled R22 until 2020.


If you don’t want to have to worry about the trouble of your refrigerant being phased-out, or you don’t want to worry about the increasing costs of said refrigerant, or you just want to love the environment with a non-ozone destroying refrigerant, call Sunbeam Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning today and we’ll come out and provide you a no-charge in-home estimate on a new AC system, just in time for spring!

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