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Imagine connecting to your home with one simple, intuitive ecosystem. Comfort, water, air and security — all under one roof, accessed from anywhere. Resideo smart home solutions, including the Honeywell Home™ line, keep you connected to the places that matter most, with voice-recognition, app support and scheduling that responds to you.

Control Your Home Comfort

For so long, your thermostat has controlled the temperature in your home. Now it’s your turn. Smart thermostats offer all the classic features but with a few intuitive upgrades, from easy-to-read touchscreen interfaces to location-based scheduling. Stay connected via the Honeywell Home™ app — wherever you are.

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Hone Your Humidity
The air in your home is an equilibrium. You know what too much humidity can do, but air that’s too dry saps moisture from woodwork, furniture — even you. Restore proper air balance with Honeywell Home humidifiers and dehumidifiers.

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Upgrade Your Awareness

Security is more than just protection from break-ins — it’s the peace of mind of knowing your home is always on duty. Water leak and freeze detection that connects to your WiFi, security cameras that know the difference between an alarm and a footstep and the ability to check in from virtually anywhere — that’s true home awareness.

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